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Understanding Campbell County Outdoor Warning System

The current outdoor warning system is comprised of a mesh of newer and older technology siren heads with updated system controllers. We have both Mechanical (capable of tones only) and newer Electronics (capable of both tone and voice messages).

The placement of our system is aimed towards the outdoor recreational population of the county. This includes the riverfront, golf courses and parks throughout the county.

The outdoor warning system will be activated for a Tornado Warning issues by the National Weather Service, EMA may activate the system for a localized event like a hazmat release, or other emergency where the system will optimize warnings to the public.


I hear the sirens! Now what?

Once the system is activated seek shelter and tune to your local media outlet or NOAA All HAZARD RADIO. Identify the Hazard and follow your personal safety plan. Please do not call 911 unless it is an actual emergency.

SIRENS TESTED 1st WEDNESDAY of the MONTH..  Unless Severe weather is expected


I do not live close to a siren. What do I do?

A NOAA All Hazards Radio is an inexpensive way to receive timely weather information. These units cost less than $30.00 are available in most department stores. The new units with SAME technology can be programmed to go off for events you are interested in. The old days of the radio opening up for every event are a thing of the past. you can now set the radio up for just your county and just a single event like a tornado warning or flood warning. Every residence should have one. Do not rely on the rely on the outdoor warning system to alert you.


I hear a siren but it's sunny out.

The outdoor warning system may be activated for emergencies other then severe weather but it is rare. Our office performs maintenance on the system from time to time. Out technicians will bump the siren to check it is operational. The mechanical siren we will perform a 1 min test and the Electronics we try to use the Chimes function to test the units. On the first Wednesday of the month we will perform a full system test if the temperature is above freezing and a partial system test if below freezing (mechanical sirens only).

Please remember that Hamilton County and Kenton County also have a siren systems and you may hear sirens from those counties if the wind is just right.

County Siren System

Siren 1  2nd and Columbia Newport                     Electronic

Siren 2  I-471 at Rt 8 Newport                              Electronic

Siren 3  Vets park off Caroline Newport               Electronic

Siren 4  Dayton Fire Department Dayton              Mechanical

Siren 5  Rossford park  Ft Thomas                        Electronic

Siren 6  Highland Park Ft. Thomas                      Electronic

Siren 7 Tower Park Ft. Thomas                            Electronic

Siren 8 Wilder City Building Wilder                      Electronic

Siren 9 Johns Hill Rd @ Observatory Wilder        Mechanical

Siren 10 116 Renshaw  Highland Heights            Mechanical

Siren 11 Central Campbell FD Cold Spring            Electronic

Siren 12 7201 Alexandria Pike  Alexandria          Mechanical

Siren 13 Campell Co. Courthouse Alexandira       Mechanical

Siren 14 Campbell County HS Alexandria             Mechanical

Siren 15 A.J. Jolly Golf Course                               Electronic        Decommissioned

Siren 16 Fire District 1 Silver Grove Station          Electronic

Siren 17 Pendery Park Melbourne                          Electronic

Siren 18 Fire District 1 Eastern Station                  Electronic

Siren 19 Lake Watch Court Cold Spring                 Mechanical

Siren 20 AA Highway @ Steffen Drive Wilder        Electronic









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