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Campbell County is governed by three separate agencies regarding open burns:

  • Kentucky Department of Forestry
  • Kentucky Environmental Protection Cabinet
  • Campbell County Fiscal Court

March 1st thru May 15 Kentucky Department of Forestry
149.370 – 149-430

May 1st thru September 30th Environmental Protection Cabinet
401-KAR 63:005 (Section 4)

October 1st thru December 15th Kentucky Department of Forestry
KRS 149.370 – 149.430

December 16th thru February 28th No specific state of federal restrictions (permit required by ordinance)

The Campbell County Outdoor Warning System

The outdoor warning system in Campbell County is made up of twenty sirens. The system has to activation points. The primary activation point is located at the Campbell County Consolidated Dispatch center in Newport Kentucky and the backup/maintenance activation point is located at the Campbell County Emergency Management Office located in Alexandria Kentucky.  The system is comprised of two types of sirens. The first is the Federal Signal 2001 Mechanical Siren. Model 2001-130 produces 130dBc at 100 feet. Its ring radiator projects a 60 degree beam of sound which rotates at two RPM and is adjustable to six RPM. The design allows for small size without compromising sound output, and minimizes wind loading. The second type which are located near the parks in the county and along the river

County starts NEW search team

Effective July 1 2016 The Campbell County Emergency Management will be developing and maintaining a Ground Search Team. This team is being built from the ground up combining manpower and technology to search for lost and overdue persons in the Northern Kentucky Region.  Campbell County LANDSAR will be signing an agreement to join the Northern Kentucky Technical Rescue Team to fill a void in their response capability. This partnership will only increase the overall capability in the region.   If you are interested in joining the team GREAT..... We are accepting applications for trained and new volunteers.  Other opportunites are available within the agency.

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